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With the continuous development of wireless communication technology, "board to board" coaxial connectors in the wireless system module interconnection Widely applied, such as: communication base stations, RRH, repeater, GPS devices, and other similar should Use and so on. After generations of evolution, "board to board" coaxial connector is being sent from a limited tolerance to large tolerances direction Exhibition. 
Technical specifications:

  Impedance                         50Ω            
  Frequency range             DC ~ 6GHz            
  VSWR-Value              ≤1.25 (0~3GHz);≤1.35 (3GHz~6GHz)            
  Insertion loss              0.150×√f(GHz)            
  MD              '-120dBc (2*20W) 1800MHz            
  Withstand Voltage (depending on cable type)              ≤1000V rms / 50 Hz            
  Operation Voltage (depending on cable type)              ≤335V rms / 50 Hz            
  Insulation Resistance              ≥ 5000 MΩ            
  Contact Resistance              Center Contact              ≤6mΩ            
  Outer Contact              ≤3 mΩ            
  Mechanical Characteristics            
  Center Contact retention              ≥7N            
  Insertion force              ≤9N            
  Latch retention force              NA            
  Cable retention force              NA            
  Mating Cycles              ≥100cycles            
  Operation Temperature Range              -55°C(-75°F)~165°C(329°F)            
  Relative Humidity              MIL-STD-202            
  Test Category            
  Vibration              MIL-STD-202            
  Corrosion              MIL-STD-202            
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