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The MiniHighSpeed SMT connector for fast data transmission was designed especially for boardto-board connections in telecommunications and data-transmission devices. This modular connector system is the right solution for next-generation systems with transfer rates of up to 10 GBit/s. For differential data transmission several different signal pair arrangements are possible. Parallel signal connections are commended for improved crosstalk properties. we achieve exceptional signal integrity by the design which features two signal and two shield contact rows. SPICE models are available. Evaluation boards also can be borrowed or purchased. The connector system permits signal transmissions with an impedance of 100 Ω (differential) or 50 Ω(single-ended). The termination area for signal contacts is in SMT and the termination area of the shield contacts is available as SMT or THR version. the connector isdelivered in tape-and-reel packing for the fully automatic SMT assembly. Providing a variety ofheigh tversion softhe male ( 1,2,9 and 10 m m ) and female ( 4,6,8 and 10mm)connectors.The MiniHighSpeed connector system enables stacking heights from 5 mm to 20mm. Subsequently, almost every need for different PCB arrangements can be addressed.

Technical specifications:

 Electrical Characteristics
 Contact Resistance <25mΩ
 Insulation Resistance >10000MΩ
 Multiline Crosstalk < 2% at 100 ps
 Differential Impedance 100mΩ
 Single ended Impedance 50mΩ
 Mechanical Characteristics
     Contact Disturbance
   (while vibration test)
 < 1 us
     Contact disturbance
   (while shock test)
 50g  11 ms
 < 1 us
 Mechanical Operation > 500 mating cycles
 Insertion and Withdrawal force 0.5 N max./Pin
 Gauge retention force > 0.1 N
 Housing Materials
 Plastic material LCP
 UL flame rating UL 94 V-0
 Contact Materials
 Terminal material Cu alloy
 Mating area 0.75 um Au min. over 2 um Ni
 Solder area 4 um Sn over 2 um Ni
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