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Main characteristics:

1).Designs are based on the industry standard QSFP

Multi-Source Agreement(MSA);

2).The QSFP+ board mount connector is 38 position

and 0.8mm pitch;

3).High speed contact design;

4).High temp and IR reflow compatible versions are


Technical specifications:

 Electrical Characteristics
 Contact Resistance <40mΩ
 Insulation Resistance >1000MΩ
 Voltage Rating 30V AC/Contact Max
 Current Rating 0.5 Amps Max
 Differential Impedance 100Ω
 Mechanical Characteristics
 Mechanical Operation > 100 mating cycles
 Insertion force 40 N Max
 Extraction force 30 N Max
 Plastic material LCP UL 94 V-0
 Terminal material Copper alloy

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